Shipping Policy


The delivery process may vary depending on the country or region, as different courier companies will handle the order. It is important for the buyer to provide accurate delivery information and a valid shipping address that can be easily accessed by local couriers. Once the order has been shipped from our warehouse, we no longer have control over the distribution process.

If there are any delivery issues that arise due to factors beyond our control, such as an incorrect address provided or problems with the courier company, we cannot be held responsible for any resulting delays in delivery. Any delays or additional costs incurred due to address modifications initiated by the buyer during the distribution process will be the responsibility of the buyer.

In the event of a delivery delay or package loss caused by the courier company, we advise contacting them directly first. If you encounter any difficulties in resolving the issue with them, please reach out to us and we will assist you in resolving the problem as quickly as possible by contacting the courier company on your behalf.

Delivery Information

To ensure a smooth delivery process, it is important to provide accurate delivery information, including your e-mail address, telephone number, and shipping address. Please make sure to check your email regularly and keep your phone accessible after placing your order so that our customer service or courier staff can contact you if needed.

It should be noted that the requirements for delivery information may vary depending on the transportation policies of different countries. Therefore, during the entire process from order placement to successful receipt, the seller may request additional relevant information necessary for transportation purposes.

Certain regions have specific requirements for orders as well. For instance:

- If your order is being shipped to Russia, we kindly ask you to provide the company name and corresponding address. Failure to do so may result in extended delivery duration.

- For orders being shipped to Brazil, it is necessary to provide a personal tax number; otherwise, the logistics company will not accept the order.

- When shipping orders to Taiwan, China, please note that the recipient needs to be authenticated on the "EZ Way" APP.

Thank you for providing accurate delivery information and complying with any region-specific requirements. This ensures a seamless delivery experience for both parties involved.

Shipping Methods & Delivery Time

In order to maintain competitive delivery charges, MOES has established varying logistics fees for different countries. We have three distinct delivery methods and three delivery zones that encompass a majority of countries and regions around the world, ensuring satisfaction for most of our customers.

Free Shipping

  • FREE&ORDINARY SHIPPINGfor the most countries (except remote countries/areas), for orders over $29.9.
  • FREE&FAST/ FREE&DDP SHIPPINGfor the most countries (except remote countries/areas), for orders over $299.

Deliver Time & Fee

Different delivery zone has different shipping fees and times based on the following form.

Shipping expenses for various countries are modified based on logistics costs, which can be verified during the checkout process. 

*Local holidays in origin countries that may cause a delay in shipping are not considered business days.

If you have ended up on this page, we understand that there might have been an issue with your order. If you have any doubts or concerns, please feel free to reach out to our helpful customer care representatives at or through our Contact Us Page.

Shipping Place

According to warehouse inventory priority, ships from China by default, unless a shipping location list appears above.

If local warehouses are out of stock, orders will be shipped from the China distribution center, so delivery would take longer than usual to arrive.

Duty Charged by Importing Country & Other Taxes

Please be aware that the price listed on the page does not include any import duties or local taxes. When your order reaches its destination country or region, the local customs authorities will impose taxes and fees, which will be the responsibility of the buyer. Since each country or region has its own taxation policies, we regretfully cannot provide an exact amount. Therefore, it is important to check the rates in your country or region to determine the specific taxes and fees you are expected to pay. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please note that regardless of whether the buyer signs and accepts delivery of the order, taxes and fees will still be incurred upon arrival in the destination country or region and must be borne by the buyer.

We declare a proper value for customs on all shipment which are shipped out from China or overseas distribution centers. You may email to  for more information about the declared value, or to request a specified value within hours from the purchase time.